NBA Draft Models 2.0

Check out how draft models perform over time and more!

Viraj Sanghvi • August 4, 2015
Photo: nostri-imago

Before this year's NBA Draft, we introduced our new draft models tool. While limited in its functionality, it provided a means of comparing various models, and attempted to build a consensus rankings. We're happy to announce that we're releasing a new update to the board that leverages Jesse's new metric to compare draft models.

The new board includes all the same bells and whistles, but we've also:

  • Added drafts going back to 1991 (Keep rocking that shirt, LJ)
  • Accuracy Scores based on DRV for each model/ranking
  • Added multiple metrics with which to evaluate models (Accuracy Scores are calculated based on these metrics)
  • Illustrated how individual models perform over time (where data is available)
  • Allowed filtering to college-only prospects as many models don't have international or high school player data
  • Fixed some bugs and tried to improve the performance in various browsers

We really believe this will help provide additional insights about drafts and various draft models and rankings. And we're not done. We wanted to get this out early to get some feedback, but we'll be adding a few more whistles as time allows.

Until then, please check it out and let us know what you think.