2015 NBA Draft Models

A new tool to help aggregate scout and analytic models

Viraj Sanghvi • May 31, 2015
Photo: bikeride

DraftExpress recently had an awesome article aggregating many of the analytic draft models out there, including one by tothemean's own Jesse Fischer. In an effort to make the data more consumable and to merge it with other rankings, I created our new NBA Draft Models tool.

Currently, the tool only shows 2015 draft rankings, a composite average ranking, as well as correlation and visual underrated/overrated affordances for rankings in comparison to a baseline. Soon, rankings from popular sources such as DraftExpress and nbadraft.net will update on a daily basis leading up to the draft.

In the near term, I'll also try to backfill last years draft models, so we can start actually start tracking how people's models perform against various criteria, and maybe come up with a more sophisticated composite ranking than just taking an average.

Please check it out, and if you'd like to add your ranking, change your rankings, or remove your rankings, please contact me.